View our Fishability Map

View our Fishability Map

The map identifies “Fishability” friendly fishing locations across Western Australia categorised according to accessibility. The map presents appropriate locations for people to go fishing regardless of whether they are elderly, have poor balance or mobility, are families with young children, use a wheelchair, or are carers looking after persons with a disability.

Over 140 land based sites across WA which may be suitable for easy access fishing have been identified;

Green Pins

The green pins represent ``Fishability`` friendly sites which are most likely to be accessible to persons who use a wheelchair. These sites generally have designated disabled parking, disabled toilets close by, and reasonable access and associated facilities for people using wheelchairs.

Blue Pins

The blue pins represent sites which may have some constraints in terms of access or convenience.

Purple Stars

The purple stars signify the location of fishing tackle shops that can always help with local knowledge and provide you with handy fishing tips.

Zoom in on the map to your desired fishing location and click on the pin. A pop-up window will appear with essential information, photos and links to some useful information.


If you go to the fishing location and happen to catch some great fish, let us know! Either email or upload a photo to our Facebook page – You may even win a prize! If you find that the information provided through the map was not accurate, please let us know so that we may update the information as soon as possible.


Our special thanks to Recfishwest, government authorities for help with collecting information and providing valuable local knowledge, The Centre for Cerebral Palsy for their technical advice, and the Department of Fisheries for their development work on the mapping platform.


This project was made possible by the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund and supported by Recfishwest and the WA Department of Fisheries.


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