Values of the Association

The Board reaffirmed the following values for the Association

  • Inclusion: We are committed to building fishing communities that are welcoming and inclusive
  • Accessibility: We want to create fishing communities where all people are able to access opportunities for development and fulfilment
  • Diversity: We appreciate difference as an integral part of our society and value the contribution of all individuals
  • Equity: We value fairness and openness in decision making and the allocation of advocacy, support and information
  • Dignity: We support the rights of individuals to make choices and be empowered to make decisions about their own lives
  • Respect: We value practices that uphold the individuality and personal and community choice of participants, volunteers and staff


Strategic Objectives of the Association

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The Board reaffirmed the strategic objectives of the Association as detailed in the 2015 – 2018 Strategic plan;


  • To expand, develop and deliver the Fishability program in Western Australia
  • To empower fishers with disabilities and build capacity to enable greater participation in recreational fishing
  • To develop strategic alliances and cooperative arrangements with key government private sector and other organisations to ensure the Association is properly resourced
  • To implement good governance practices