People in the community are prepared to volunteer in different programs for a variety of reasons. Some people want to make a valuable contribution to something they believe in, others may see a volunteer program as a way of meeting people or gaining experience in new fields, or as a gateway to new carer opportunities.

One thing is certain – people who volunteer come from a wide range of backgrounds have vastly different personalities and will be motivated to volunteer for a variety of different reasons.


Volunteering is about

  • Getting involved, participating and making a difference in the community you live in.
  • Learning new skills, sharing life experiences and helping others.
  • Putting that spare time to good use, making contacts and building self confidence and self worth.
  • Staying active, socialising and gaining friends for life.
  • Contributing to the health and well being of the community.

Why volunteer with us

To be a Fishability volunteer you probably:

  • Love the outdoors.
  • Really enjoying talking to people.
  • Love working as part of a team.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others to develop their independence.
  • and more than likely – really love fishing!


Our volunteers achieve great satisfaction through the time they spend with participants and carers in our programs. You will help in all areas of fishing participation such as setting up fishing gear, baiting and casting a line, catch care and boating duties as required if you volunteer on our vessel.

Volunteers undertaking Skipper or Crew duties on the vessel will need to possess the required qualifications. You may either already have these, or in some cases we can arrange for the required training.


How to Volunteer With Us

If you are keen to enquire about our program and volunteer, it is a very simple process. Simply email di.cherylbruce@fish.wa.gov.au or phone on 0424 417 073 to receive more information and relevant forms.

Click here to download our volunteer flyer.