We are committed to building fishing communities that are welcoming and inclusive


We want to create fishing communities where all people are able to access opportunities for development and fulfilment


We appreciate difference as an integral part of our society and value the contribution of all individuals


We value fairness and openness in decision making and the allocation of advocacy, support and information


We support the rights of individuals to make choices and be empowered to make decisions about their own lives


We value practices that uphold the individuality and personal and community choice of participants, volunteers and staff

Strategic Objectives

Focus Areas Strategic Objectives
Running fishing activitiesOur core business is providing free, enjoyable, and safe fishing activities for people with disabilities. We can do this because of the commitment of our volunteers and the ongoing funding from our supporters. The welfare of our participants and volunteers comes firstWe are committed to jetty and boat programs at the best locations in Perth and strategic WA regional centres We aspire to make our activities enjoyable and worthwhile for people of all ages and abilities by having well trained volunteers and equipment and resources
Accessing mainstream fishingWe recognise that people with disabilities accessing mainstream, community fishing opportunities breaks down barriers & isolation. Our focus is on engaging fishing and boating clubs , the fishing community and government agencies to make this happenWe strive to influence the organisers of community fishing activities to make fishing more accessible We will invest our time and resources into attending and promoting strategic events which align with our mission and values
Sharing our StoryFrequent media showing our participants and volunteers enjoying our activities is our greatest advertisement It is critical that stakeholders and funders get value for money by consistent quality media presenceWe will continue to develop the capacity of our staff, coordinators and volunteers to leverage the power of social media and demonstrate the enjoyability and quality of our activities
AdvocacyWe work with Recfishwest, key government players and the fishing community to improve access and inclusion of infrastructure If we do nothing we will lose land based fishing infrastructure and new structures wont have access as a priorityWe will commit our time and energy into key strategic projects which match the known demographics of our participants We will continue to use our online fishing location map inform the community of accessible fishing infrastructure